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The butterfly & the cocoon

The butterfly & the cocoon

A small crack appeared on a cocoon. A man sat for hours and watched carefullythe struggle of the butterfly to get out of that small crack of cocoon.Then the butterfly stopped striving. It seemed that she was exhausted andcouldn’t go on trying. The man decided to help the poor creature. He widened thecrack by scissors. The butterfly came out of cocoon easily, but her body was tinyand her wings were wrinkled.The ma continued watching the butterfly. He expected to see her wings becomeexpanded to protect her body. But it didn’t happen! As a matter of fact, thebutterfly had to crawl on the ground for the rest of her life, for she could neverfly.The kind man didn’t realize that God had arranged the limitation of cocoon andalso the struggle for butterfly to get out of it, so that a certain fluid could bedischarged from her body to enable her to fly afterward.Sometimes struggling is the only thing we need to do. If God had provided uswith an easy to live without any difficulties then we become paralyzed, couldn’tbecome strong and could not fly.
Don’t worry, fight with difficulties and be sure that you can prevailover them.

ﺪﺷ ﺮﻫﻼﻇ ﻲﻤﺸﻳﺮﺑﺍ ﻡﺮﮐ ﻪﻠﻴﭘ ﻱﻭﺭ ﺮﺑ ﻲﮑﭼﻮﮐ ﻑﺎﮑﺷ.ﺖﻗﺩ ﺎﺑ ﺎﻫ ﺖﻋﺎﺳ ﻱﺩﺮﻣﺯﺍ ﻥﺪﺷ ﺝﺭﺎﺧ ﻱﺍﺮﺑ ﻪﻧﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﺵﻼﺗ ﻪﺑﺩﺮﮐ ﻩﺎﮕﻧ ﻪﻠﻴﭘ.ﺖﺷﺍﺩﺮﺑ ﺵﻼﺗ ﺯﺍ ﺖﺳﺩ ﻪﻧﺍﻭﺮﭘ.ﺪﻫﺩ ﻪﻣﺍﺩﺍ ﺶﻳﺎﻫ ﺵﻼﺗ ﻪﺑ ﺪﻧﺍﻮﺗ ﻲﻤﻧ ﻭ ﻩﺪﺷ ﻪﺘﺴﺧ ﺪﻴﺳﺭ ﻲﻣ ﺮﻈﻧ ﻪﺑ.ﺪﻨﮐ ﮏﻤﮐ ﮏﭼﻮﮐ ﻕﻮﻠﺨﻣ ﻦﻳﺍ ﻪﺑ ﺖﻓﺮﮔ ﻢﻴﻤﺼﺗ ﻭﺍ. ﻗ ﺯﺍ ﻩﺩﺎﻔﺘﺳﺍ ﺎﺑﺩﺮﮐ ﺮﺗ ﻦﻬﭘ ﺍﺭ ﻑﺎﮑﺷ ﻲﭽﻴ .ﻪﻠﻴﭘ ﺯﺍ ﻲﺘﺣﺍﺭ ﻪﺑ ﻪﻧﺍﻭﺮﭘﺩﻮﺑ ﻩﺪﻴﮐﻭﺮﭼ ﺶﻳﺎﻫ ﻝﺎﺑ ﻭ ﮏﭼﻮﮐ ﺶﻧﺪﺑ ﺎﻣﺍ ، ﺪﺷ ﺝﺭﺎﺧ.ﺩﻮﺑ ﻩﺩﺯ ﻝﺯ ﻥﺎﻨﭽﻤﻫ ﻪﻧﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﻪﺑ ﺩﺮﻣ.ﻱﺍﺮﺑ ﻪﻧﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﺖﺷﺍﺩ ﺭﺎﻈﺘﻧﺍﺪﻨﮐ ﺯﺎﺑ ﺍﺭ ﺶﻳﺎﻫ ﻝﺎﺑ ﺶﻧﺪﺑ ﺯﺍ ﺖﻈﻓﺎﺤﻣ.ﺪﺸﻧ ﺭﻮﻃ ﻦﻳﺍ ﺎﻣﺍ.ﻦﻴﻣﺯ ﻱﻭﺭ ﺍﺭ ﺵﺮﻤﻋ ﻲﻗﺎﺑ ﺩﻮﺑ ﺭﻮﺒﺠﻣ ﻪﻧﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﺖﻘﻴﻘﺣ ﺭﺩ ﺨﺑﺪﻨﮐ ﺯﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﺖﺴﻧﺍﻮﺗ ﻲﻤﻧ ﻭ ،ﺩﺰ .ﻩﺩﺭﻭﺁ ﺩﻮﺟﻮﺑ ﻪﻧﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﻱﺍﺮﺑ ﺍﺭ ﺝﻭﺮﺧ ﻱﺍﺮﺑ ﺵﻼﺗ ﻭ ﻪﻠﻴﭘ ﻱﺍﺮﺑ ﺍﺭ ﺖﻳﺩﻭﺪﺤﻣ ﺍﺪﺧ ﻪﮐ ﺩﺮﺒﻧ ﻲﭘ ﻥﺎﺑﺮﻬﻣ ﺩﺮﻣ.ﺕﺭﻮﺻ ﻦﻳﺍ ﻪﺑﺪﻨﮐ ﻲﻣ ﺯﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﻪﺑ ﺭﺩﺎﻗ ﺍﺭ ﻭﺍ ﻪﮐ ﺩﻮﺷ ﻲﻣ ﺢﺷﺮﺗ ﺶﻧﺪﺑ ﺯﺍ ﻲﺻﺎﺧ ﻊﻳﺎﻣ ﻪﮐ . ﻢﻴﻫﺩ ﻡﺎﺠﻧﺍ ﺪﻳﺎﺑ ﻪﮐ ﺖﺳﺍ ﻱﺰﻴﭼ ﺎﻬﻨﺗ ﺶﺷﻮﮐ ﻭ ﺵﻼﺗ ﺕﺎﻗﻭﺍ ﻲﻀﻌﺑ. ﮔﺍﻱﺍﺮﺑ ﺍﺭ ﻲﺘﺨﺳ ﻪﻧﻮﮕﭽﻴﻫ ﻥﻭﺪﺑ ﻲﮔﺩﻮﺳﺁ ﺍﺪﺧ ﺮ ﺎﻴﻬﻣ ﺎﻣﻢﻴﻨﮐ ﺯﺍﻭﺮﭘ ﻭ ﻢﻳﻮﺷ ﺪﻨﻣﻭﺮﻴﻧ ﻢﻴﺘﺴﻧﺍﻮﺗ ﻲﻤﻧ ﻭ ﻢﻳﺪﺷ ﻲﻣ ﺞﻠﻓ ﺕﺭﻮﺻ ﻦﻳﺍ ﺭﺩ ﺩﻮﺑ ﻩﺩﺮﮐ . ﺪﺷ ﺪﻴﻫﺍﻮﺧ ﺯﻭﺮﻴﭘ ﺎﻬﻧﺁ ﺮﺑ ﻪﮐ ﺪﻴﺷﺎﺑ ﻦﺌﻤﻄﻣ ﻭ ﺪﻴﮕﻨﺠﺑ ﺎﻫ ﻲﺘﺨﺳ ﺎﺑ ،ﺪﻴﺷﺎﺒﻧ ﻥﺍﺮﮕﻧ


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