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Mountain Story
Love and Time
The purpose of life
The butterfly & the cocoon
Unconditional Love
All Depends On Your Perspective
How good we are
english-persian stories
Listen to your Heart
Don't let me be misunderstood
Let It Be
" Drive My Car!"
It comes from the depths
The Little Things
Hamid sefat - Hotline bling - original mix
Sali be Sali
Energy Mosbat
English Dum Dum Diddle
Farsi Lyrics English Translation
persian-english songs
Should/Must + Have + PP
Relative Pronouns Review Drills
“When” and “While” in Past Continuous Tense
Superlative adjectives in Persian
Comparative Adjectives in Persian
Adjectives in Persian
Persian Calendar – Seasons – Months
More sentences in Simple Present Tense
Present Simple Tense Starts Here
More Sentences in Past Perfect Tense
Past Perfect Tense
Interrogative in Simple Future Tense
More Sentences in Simple Future Tense
Simple Future Tense
How to Translate ‘since’ in Present Perfect Tense
How to Translate ‘for’ in Present Perfect Tense
present perfect t.
present perfect tense
Persian Lesson 16 – How to Say my, your, his, plus noun in persian
Persian Lesson 15 – How to Say ‘my’ plus ‘noun’ in Persian
Persian Lesson 14 – Delete Subjects of Your Sentences
Persian Lesson 13 – Start Making Sentences in S.P. Tense
Persian Lesson 12 – Compound Verbs in Simple Past Tense
Persian Lesson 11 – Simple Past Tense, How to make a verb in S.P.tense
Persian Lesson 10 – Review, Subjective Pronouns
Persian Lesson 9 – Letters /he/ to /ye/, sokoon, tashdid